Creating a Bridge Between Desire Discrepancies

Virtual workshop

Problems with desire, arousal, or orgasm can be difficult to address for couples without at least one person feeling like they are the problem. Desire discrepancies in relationships can create sexual avoidance and sometimes a loss of almost all physical connection. When this goes on unaddressed for a long period of time, it can be hard to know how to get your connection back. Many couples struggle to talk about sex or know how to build a bridge when there is an impasse. This workshop will help you to get the conversation started and on the right path. Group and Private options are available.

This 3 hour workshop will be a combination of lectures to provide relevant information followed by time in private to discuss handout content that will guide you through gaining a better understanding of:

  • Why do each of you want to have sex?
  • What motivates you to have sex?
  • Your individual desire style
  • Understand what supports and do not support desire and physical connection
  • Expand your understanding of physical connection

Couples will get a lengthy handout of the content presented at the workshop and questions to answer for oneself and the relationship to deepen your understanding. These questions are meant to help you get unstuck by having different conversations targeted towards building a bridge to physical intimacy. It isn't to suggest that one person's desire is right or wrong.

What to Expect

Dr. Waldron will present information in lecture form and encourages discussion (like in a classroom). Couples are welcome to participate in general discussions to facilitate understanding of the material, but do not need to share personal information. Couples will then go into private break out sessions to answer the content related questions on their own. The hope is that couples will be able to start different conversations so they can get unstuck and start building a bridge to connection. Dr. Waldron will check in at least once with couples. The workshop will conclude with a plan to continue your journey.

Not sure you are ready to be in a workshop with other couples?

No problem! Meet with Dr. Waldron alone for a private workshop and it will be a half hour shorter. This will be scheduled at a time that is convenient for your schedules. Get the personal and customized support to work on your unique situation.

What are previous participants saying about the workshop?

Couples at the last workshop "strongly agreed" that:

The workshop offered quality information we can use to help our relationship.

Here are a few responses from previous participants:

I'd like us to work with Michele beyond this workshop

It was nice to have a 3rd party validate the difference between my husband and my libido

Having an outside resource to refer to throughout our journey is really valuable


Workshop $225 per couple

Private workshop $550 per couple


Email Katie ([email protected]) our Practice Specialist with your choice. She can also answer questions and will send a payment link.